Early American UFOs by Noe Torres & John LeMay
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Early American UFOs by Noe Torres & John LeMay

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Trade paperback format.  The REAL Cowboys & Aliens!

Long before the first airplane took flight, when nothing but birds should have been in the skies, the early residents of the United States witnessed bizarre unidentified flying objects of all sizes, shapes, and descriptions.

They encountered strange beings that clearly were not human, including "Men in Black" and possibly time travelers. They saw huge motherships, underwater UFOs, and other unexplained wonders. Some of America's most famous early historical figures, including Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington, shared an interest in UFOs and extraterrestrials.

Contained within these pages is the "other" American History that you were never taught in school! While reading this book you'll ask yourself: Did Lewis and Clark encounter a tribe of extraterrestrials during their travels? Did "star rot" contain alien DNA? Was an army from outer space sent to aid in the Civil War? What was it that crashed in the Rocky Mountains in 1864, a meteor or a mother ship? And, finally, was the "martian mummy" of 1864 a hoax, or proof of life beyond the stars...

"What Torres and LeMay have clearly defined in this suspenseful thriller tome, is that the UFO accounts portrayed throughout this exhaustively researched work, remain in a separate class.... Aside from a rare hot-air balloon or dirigible, there was nothing else in the air back then... or on the ground; the witnesses are clearly describing something which precedes the Wright Brothers technology.... The simple fact that such cases exist in an era where the sky above us was still pristine and H. G. Wells had yet to conquer the Earth with Martians should captivate us all...."--Don Schmitt, author of Witness to Roswell.