Coming to Light : Contemporary Translations of the Native Literatures of North America ed by Brian Swann
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Coming to Light : Contemporary Translations of the Native Literatures of North America ed by Brian Swann

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Trade Paperback. 803 pages of essential material.

A richly diverse anthology of Native American literature draws on the work of more than 200 tribes across the United States and Canada, providing information on the historical and cultural contexts of the stories, songs, prayers, and orations.

Contents are organized by region.

Partial Table of Contents (may be missing a few items but not many):

Two Stories from Tikigaq [Inupiaq]

Five Brothers and Their Younger Sister [Yupik]

Two Tellings of the Story of Uterneq: "The Woman Who Returned from the Dead" [Yupik]

The Boy Who Went to Live with the Seals [Yupik]

The Moons Sister and Song of the Atkan [Aleut]

The One Who Kicked His Grandmother's Head Along [Koyukon]

Raven and Fog Woman [Dena'ina]

Six Selections from Peter Kalifornsky's A Dena'ina Legacy

The Girl Who Married the Bear [Tagish/Tlingit]

How the World Began [Tagish/Tlingit]

Glacier Bay History [Tlingit]

Speech for the Removal of Grief [Tlingit]

Dunne-za Stories [Dunne-za]

Mistacayawasis, Big Belly Child [Rock Cree]

Wolverine: An Innu Trickster [Innu]

One They Gave Away [Haida]

Night Hunter and Day Hunter [Kwakiutl]

The Sun's Myth [Kathlamet Chinook]

Coyote, Master of Death, True to Life [Kalapuya]

Seal and Her Younger Brother Lived There [Clackamas Chinook]

Blue Jay and His Brother-in-Law Wolf [Colville]

Fish Hawk's Raid Against the Sioux [Cayuse/Nez Perce]

Poetry Songs of the Shoshone Ghost Dance [Wind River Shoshone]

Three Skiri Pawnee Stories [Skiri Pawnee]

Two Roads to Leadership: Grandmother's Boy and Last-Born Brother [Lakota]

Wilderness Mentors [Lakota]

Wakinyan and Wakinyan Wicaktepi [Lakota]

Nanabush Stories from the Ojibwe

Two Tuscarora Legends [Tuscarora]

The Iroquoian Thanksgiving Address [Cayuga]

Tales of the Delaware Trickster [Delaware]

The Indian Devil, Mischief-Maker [Passamaquoddy]

Running the Deer [Yaqui]

Pima Oriole Songs [Pima]

Ethnopoetic Retranslation of a Zuni Ritual Song

Because He Made Marks on Paper, the Soldiers Came [Zuni]

Coyote, Skunk, and the Prairie Dogs [Navajo]

Ma'ii Jooldloshi Hane': Stories About Coyote, the One Who Trots [Navajo]

Singing up the Mountain [Navajo]

Enemy Slayer's Horse Song [Navajo]

The Birth of He Triumphs Over Evils: A Western Apache Origin Story

The Boy Who Went in Search of His Father [Hopi ]

Two Hopi Songpoems

The Farewell Song [Havasupai]

Two Koasati Traditional Narratives

Two Stories from the Yana [Northern and Central Yana]

Silver-Gray Fox Creates Another World [Atsugewij]

Two Maidu Myths

Myth, Music and Magic: Nettie Reuben's Karuk Love Medicine

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