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A Dark Corner by Celia Dale

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Trade Paperback.

Young Errol Winston arrives in London in search of a job and a better life, but he finds himself homeless when the city's racist landlords refuse to rent to him. At last he seems to have a stroke of good luck when he accidentally winds up at the front door of Mr and Mrs Didcot, who offer to let him stay. The elderly couple seem kindly and harmless enough, but Errol will soon discover that behind the veneer of apparent respectability a dreadful truth lies hidden, a terrible secret that will be revealed in a horrifying climax.

First published in 1971, Celia Dale's A Dark Corner is a chilling work of domestic horror that shows how true evil often lurks closer than we think, perhaps even just behind our neighbor's lace curtains ...

'A macabre tale of quiet horror.' - Buffalo News

'Celia Dale builds a snug picture and destroys it, chillingly. She is very good at delayed terror.' - Evening Standard

'The queen of suburban terror.' - The Times (London)

'Celia Dale has created an established corner in tales of domestic terror.' - Daily Telegraph