A Child Alone with Strangers by Philip Fracassi - hardcvr

A Child Alone with Strangers by Philip Fracassi - hardcvr

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When young Henry Thorne is kidnapped and held prisoner in a remote farmhouse surrounded by miles of forest, he finds himself connecting with a strange force living in the woods--using that bond to wreak havoc against his captors. Unknown to the boy, however, is that this ancient being has its own reasons for wanting the interlopers gone--there is something hidden beneath the house, tucked away in the dark, damp root cellar . . . waiting for its return.

"Fracassi's novel hits me like a cross between McCammon and '80s King. Might be one of them summer blockbusters readers love." --Laird Barron, author of Worse Angels 

"A Child Alone with Strangers starts out as a slow burn procedural with supernatural elements and inexorably cranks itself into a pulse-pounding symphony of eldritch horrors and all-too-human violence. Philip Fracassi is the best sort of horror writer--one who is unafraid to hunt for light in even the darkest places." --Shaun Hamill, author of A Cosmology of Monsters