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Wolf Tracks by David Case

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Trade Paperback.

A killer stalks the city's streets . . .

Only a crazed beast could have committed the grisly murders that are terrorizing the city of Toronto. The victims are usually young women, their bodies found mangled as though torn apart by the fangs of a rabid animal. Yet witnesses swear they have seen the hulking figure of a man nearby.

But everyone knows there's no such thing as a werewolf . . .

First published in 1980, Wolf Tracks is a page-turning horror thriller by David Case (1937-2018), a master of the werewolf tale whom Washington Post critic Michael Dirda named "one of the half-dozen finest living practitioners of the horror story". Two volumes of Case's short fiction and his Egyptian-themed horror novel The Third Grave (1981) are also available from Valancourt.

"Let us hear more of David Case . . . The field needs more from the author of 'The Hunter', a modern classic worthy to stand beside 'The Most Dangerous Game'." - Ramsey Campbell