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Slimer by Harry Adam Knight

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Trade Paperback.  By the author of Carnosaur!!

When a yacht being used to smuggle drugs sinks, the six smugglers must seek refuge the only place they can - an abandoned oil rig in the middle of the sea.

But there's something strange about this oil rig. For one thing, it looks more like a scientific research facility. And for another, there are no people - only piles of clothes with no bodies in them.

It soon becomes clear that something is loose on the rig. Something deadly. It's stalking them, one by one, but it's not just a horrible death they have to fear - it's what comes after . . .

The basis for the cult film Proteus, Harry Adam Knight's first novel, Slimer (1983), is a wild thrill ride that mixes creature feature horror, fast-paced action, and a dose of black humor. This long-awaited reissue of this rare novel features a new introduction by the author.