PFH #14 - Gwen, in Green by Hugh Zachary
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PFH #14 - Gwen, in Green by Hugh Zachary

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Trade Paperback.  Intro by Will Errickson.

After receiving a large insurance settlement, young couple Gwen and George fulfill a dream by buying their own little island, a secluded, private paradise surrounded by a lush green landscape of plants.

What the real estate man didn’t tell them was that years earlier a tragedy took place nearby in the cool, clear pool, whose waters still hold a terrifying, centuries-old secret.

Soon George begins to notice strange changes in his wife. Always so reserved and demure, suddenly Gwen has become passionate and insatiable. And could there be any connection between her altered personality and a recent series of mysterious disappearances?

This first-ever reissue of Hugh Zachary’s eco-horror novel Gwen, in Green (1974) features the original cover painting by George Ziel and a new introduction by Will Errickson.