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Communion by Whitley Strieber

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Trade Paperback.

Communion is the iconic classic in which Whitley Strieber describes his 1985 close encounter experiences. This book, which fundamentally changed the way we understand close encounters and alien abductions, is presented here with a new introduction by the author.

The message of Communion, that something unknown is really happening to people but that we have not studied it enough to understand it, remains as timely now as it was in 1987 when the book was first published. And Whitley Strieber's riveting account of what he experienced, along with his relentless and expert pursuit of the reality behind the experience, is to this day the greatest such account ever published.

Do not miss this great classic and the powerful introduction that explores the situation as it stands today--even more provocative now, as official sources are admitting that UFOs are real unknowns and that they seem to have something to do with close encounters.