Two Wardens Found by Noah P. Zarck
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Two Wardens Found by Noah P. Zarck

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Trade Paperback.  One of Maine's more mysterious historic murder cases.  Out of print and hard to find.  Self-published by Zarck, this is a short but intriguing homegrown Maine book.

In 1922, Maine Game Wardens, David Brown and Mertley Johnston, turned up missing. When their bodies were finally found in the frigid waters of Big Bog in northwestern Maine, the cause of death was unknown. As a result, a buzz of inquiry and speculation swept over the area as family and friends of the beloved wardens searched for answers.

But just as the mystery was about to succumb to the erosion of time, a century later, Noah "Zarck", a young college student from Unity College in Maine, reopened the case under his own guise in an effort to learn more about what happened and honor the fallen heroes. This book is the true story of that account.