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Blue Lights in the Night by Mark E. Nickerson

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Trade Paperback.

Real life stories of a Maine State Trooper!  For nearly three decades, Tr. Mark Nickerson had a front-row seat to the greatest show on earth.

During his 28-year career, the Maine State Police trooper was often a star character in the show, starting his patrol in the Moosehead Lake region and finishing in the Waldo/Kennebec areas of central Maine. He handled both harrowing and humorous encounters, from pursuing a murder suspect to trying to foil an outhouse bandit on Halloween.

Protecting a president, escorting home the body of a fallen soldier, and notifying family members that a loved one had died were all part of a day’s work.

In his first book, Nickerson shares 30 memorable episodes of the greatest show, including a hair-raising motorcycle chase, a prison uprising, and riotous capers with Warden John Ford.

Readers are invited to sit back and enjoy the tales involving rowdy suspects, unfriendly dogs and intoxicated pedestrians. They just might involve some neighbors.

“Riding along with Mark Nickerson while on patrol was like being at the mercy of a runaway roller-coaster, as we shot around the area at supersonic speeds. Together, we basically patrolled the same area, never knowing what real-life fiasco was about to unfold next. It was an experience like none other, as our careers allowed us to, at times, witness the very best of our neighbors—and at other times, the very worst. Trooper Nick provided my diaries with a fair share of pleasant memories, making my career the great one it was. His book will surely portray a side of law enforcement that many folks never heard about. I was honored to have been a part of his budding career and to especially have personally bailed him out of more than one hair-raising mess over the years, as we worked side by side, always keeping in mind the best interest of the public we served. Enjoy the journey down memory lane. We certainly did!"

--JOHN FORD, Sr, Retired Game Warden/Sheriff – Author, Suddenly the Cider Didn’t Taste So Good and This Cider Still Tastes Funny