The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories - Vol. 4
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The Valancourt Book of Victorian Christmas Ghost Stories - Vol. 4

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Trade paperback format.  A delicious way to curl up with some shivers during the cold months, anticipating cozy holiday glimmers!

​Edited by Christopher Philippo

Victorian-era Christmas ghost stories are associated primarily with Charles Dickens and other British writers, but for this new volume, editor Christopher Philippo has discovered that the tradition of telling and publishing ghostly tales at Christmas flourished in the New World as well. These tales are set in places that are familiar and yet foreign to us—Gold Rush-era San Francisco, old New Orleans, the barren and frozen plains of Iowa and the Dakotas, the early days of the Puerto Rican commonwealth. Like their British cousins, these stories make perfect winter reading by candlelight or the fireside. This selection includes more than a dozen rare tales, most never before reprinted, along with a number of macabre Christmas-themed poems, and features a number of contributions by women and African-American authors.

“He turned and beheld a low black figure, with a body no higher than his knees, with a prodigious head, in the brow of which was set a single eye of green flame like a shining emerald, and with hands and arms of supernatural length.”
--Joseph Holt Ingraham, “The Green Huntsman; or, The Haunted Villa: A Christmas Legend of Louisiana”

“There was a crash of the outer door​—then a staggering and uncertain step in the outer room. It approached the sick-room​—the latch lifted​, the door swung open​—and then​—my God! what a spectacle! Through the open door there stepped a figure​, not of Mrs. Hayden, not of her corpse, not of death, but a thousand times more horrible​, a thing of corruption, decay, of worms and rottenness.”--Anonymous, “Worse than a Ghost Story”


The Green Huntsman (1841) •  Joseph Holt Ingraham
Burt Pringle and the “Bellesnickle” (1853) •  Bill Bramble
Worse Than a Ghost Story  (1857) •  Anonymous
The Christmas Ghost  (1857) •  Lucy A. Randall
The Frozen Husband  (1869)  •  Frank Ibberson Jervis
A Sworn Statement (1881) •  Emma Frances Dawson
The Snow Flower of the Sierras (1884) •  Anonymous
The Devil’s Christmas  (1885) •  Julian Hawthorne
Harlakenden’s Christmas (1887) •  Thomas Wentworth Higginson
The Ghostly Christmas Gift (1887)  •  F. H. Brunell
The Blizzard (1888) •  Luke Sharp
Warned by the Wire (1895) •  Louis Glass
Poor Jack (1892) •  H. C. Dodge
Christmas Wolves (1897) •  Pierre-Barthélemy Gheusi
The Werwolves (1898) •  Henry Beaugrand
The Haunted Oak (1900) •  Paul Laurence Dunbar
The Anarchist’s Christmas (1901) •  Anonymous
Camel Bells (1903) •  Hezekiah Butterworth
The Ravings  (1903) •  Anonymous
Out of the Depths  (1904) •  Robert W. Chambers
Old Nick and Saint Nick (1906) •  Wallace Irwin
The Cremation of Sam McGee (1907) •  Robert W. Service
Xmas (1908) •  Amorel Sterne
A Cubist Christmas (1913) •  Kate Masterson
Desuetude: A Ghost Story (1914)  •  Anonymous
The Christmas Ghost (1915) •  Anna Alice Chapin
Merry Christmas  (1917)  •  Stephen Leacock