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Leapfrog Press

Vyx Starts the Mythpocalypse by Thomas Pluck illus by Kim Parkhurst

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Trade Paperback. Illustrated in color throughout by the wonderful Kim Parkhurst!

What if on the worst day of your life, you also learned that all the folklore and myths you love were real? Vyx is a twelve-year-old kid who just wants to draw and be accepted for who they are—until their parents are dragged away by the government. Terrified, but determined, Vyx embarks on a rescue mission, journeying through a rapidly changing America where the unimaginable has become the everyday: wild weather, a frightening pandemic, avaricious dragons who attack the post office, talking foxes hungry for disco fries, and government officials who can suddenly do what their acronym says, and freeze families into blocks of ice.

The climate's not the only thing that’s changing, and the system isn't the only thing that’s broken: a rift between worlds has been opened, unleashing terrors and wonders. Armed with clues left by their father and survival gear collected by their mother, Vyx must travel across the country while facing increasingly unknown dangers and making fantastic allies, as they learn that the unbelievable doesn’t always mean the terrible. They will outsmart diabolical homeroom teachers and ravenous creatures from folklore, discover a magical faery world beneath us, and even sail with the living constellations of the night sky in order to restore their family and maybe even fix the world.