Blessed and Cursed Alike by Kiarna Boyd
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Blessed and Cursed Alike by Kiarna Boyd

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Trade Paperback, 10th Anniversary edition.  Highly recommended! 

The pulse of any city flies fast and rides hard if you know how to hang onto it. A good story is the same way.  This book, previously out of print and hard to find, is now made available again.  And there was dark rejoicing!

In any city, there are the ways that are heavily trafficked, and there are the ways in between them. Those who know the city on the ground level know and use the between-ways automatically, threads of a map long-woven into their heads. The shortcuts, the favorite graffiti tags that mark a particular post or corner, the dark places to avoid. It's all there. This book travels those ways.

An occult conspiracy.  A city where magic can lead to murder.  A company of adrenaline-addicted motorcycle couriers.  Their fast and hard lifestyles collide with a brutal colonial legacy, all while unseen forces pursue their own agendas.

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