The Sasquatch Hunter's Field Manual by Dan Drayer - SIGNED!
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The Sasquatch Hunter's Field Manual by Dan Drayer - SIGNED!

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Trade paperback format. Signed by the author.  Recommended!  A slender but to-the-point volume.

An interesting read by a local Maine author.  Although the book is focused on examining one goal, even the author himself is unsure whether he would be able to bring himself to pull the trigger given the opportunity.  This book is just as worth reading even as a practical guide to stalking (but not hunting) any prospective specimens of Sasquatch.  A slender but in-depth volume.

The Sasquatch Hunter's Field Manual is a unique one of a kind book in that it dares to broach the subject of actually hunting Sasquatch in order to provide a single specimen for science to study.  It leads the reader from the reported characteristics and mannerisms of Sasquatch itself to the social, moral, and psychological implications that planning and following through with such a hunt encompasses. 

A truly eye opening book that focuses on the difficult and complex process involved in delivering a voucher specimen to science for verification of its existence and taxonomy.  It takes research and study to know how to approach this effort and succeed.

This book details the methods, equipment and knowledge necessary in the effort to locate and bring this creature, more commonly known as the Bigfoot, to the attention of science and the world. In doing so, the creature will take its rightful place and gain security and safety for its offspring and that of its habitat. It presents a stark look, not only at the creature, along with its habits and unique capabilities, but also at the situation going on with our wild places and the pressures they are enduring.

This manual helps to aid a conservation-minded hunter on the altruistic quest of revealing this creature by obtaining unequivocal proof of its existence in a manner most favored by science- that of having a physical specimen for study. Time is running out for the Sasquatch along with many other animals that depend on an unmolested environment in which to sustain themselves without stress of further Human encroachment. The window for actively pursuing such a voucher specimen is shrinking, along with the habitats the Sasquatch depends on for its survival.

This book strives to help those endeavoring to seek out ONE Sasquatch for the purpose of securing the future of ALL of these magnificent creatures, including their wildernesses, forever.