The Joyous Science by Friedrich Nietzsche
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The Joyous Science by Friedrich Nietzsche

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Trade paperback format.  Translated, edited, and with intro and notes by R. Kevin Hill.

Grounded in his famous notion that “God is dead,” Nietzsche’s most personal book–and one of his best

The Joyous Science–also known as The Gay Science and The Joyful Wisdom–is a liberating voyage of discovery as Nietzsche’s realization that “God is dead” and his critique of morality, the arts and modernity give way to an exhilarating doctrine of self-emancipation and the concept of eternal recurrence. Here is Nietzsche at his most personal and affirmative; in his words, this is a book of “exuberance, restlessness, contrariety and April showers.” With its unique voice and style, its playful combination of poetry and prose, and its invigorating quest for self-emancipation, The Joyous Science is a literary tour de force and quite possibly Nietzsche’s best book.