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Hop Onward Rabbit Rabbit : A New England Cottontail's Journey by Tonya Shevenell

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Hardcover.  Highly recommended!  A beautiful, sweet and clever book.

"Where are the other rabbits like me?"

That's the question a New England cottontail asks the animals it meets on a journey across unfamiliar habitats and changing seasons in Maine. Searching seaside to forest to marsh and to meadow, the cottontail finds uncommon animals, unlikely allies, and a true friend...but where are the other rabbits?

Hop Onward Rabbit Rabbit is a heart-warming story of resilience, luck and friendship told through a cottontail's conversations imagined by Maine author Tonya Shevenell and beautiful watercolor illustrations by Laura Winslow.

The book also features special "Meet The Species Along Rabbit's Journey" endnotes and a page dedicated to the book's star - the New England Cottontail Rabbit!

This is the second book collaboration by Tonya and Laura. The Maine Birthday Book was the first.