We Only Come out at Night by Nomar Slevik - SIGNED!
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We Only Come out at Night by Nomar Slevik - SIGNED!

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Trade paperback. Recommended!  Signed!  Comes with its own bookmark too!

For those of you in search of short, spooky, hair-raising treats to read comes this Halloween treat from the imagination of one of Maine's most stalwart UFO/paranormal investigators.  Slevik brings Fear Street to Maine!

Werewolves, aliens, sadistic demons, and more... all come out at night in this new collection of horror stories.

A sheriff of a small, coastal town is called out to investigate bizarre happenings. A woman shares her home and life with a cat and something that hides in the corner. Black-eyed children wreak havoc on an unsuspecting couple. Two friends witness a UFO and then find themselves inside of it, face to face with its occupants. A woman wakes up in the woods, haunted by scattered images... and a thirst for blood. A group of teenage monster hunters find themselves caught in the middle of a potential turf war between werewolves.

With macabre tales of woe filled with anguish, humor, monsters, demons, and where twists and turns abound, this collection will haunt the corners of your mind and serve as a reminder that what lies just beyond the darkness… only comes out at night.