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Bigfoot in Maine by Michelle Souliere - SIGNED!

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Trade paperback format, signed by the author.  Illustrated in black and white throughout.  Includes index and bibliography.

A finalist for the 2022 National Indie Excellence® Awards, in the Regional Non-Fiction: Northeast category.

The dark woods of Maine have been the setting for many eerie and unexplained events, none more captivating than sightings of a giant hominid known as Bigfoot.  But what makes this corner of New England such a perfect place for this cryptid to live?  Learn about the ecology and geography that support the legend, and meet the people forever changed by close encounters with it.

From previously unpublished eyewitness accounts to modern-day media portrayals, author and illustrator Michelle Souliere presents this detailed history of the phenomenon and folklore that has lurked in shadows for generations.

Kirkus Reviews says: 

"A well-researched history of curious sasquatch encounters.  

"An American legend comes to life in this history of Bigfoot sightings in Maine.

"Author and illustrator Souliere follows in the footsteps of popular cryptozoology media, such as the Animal Planet reality TV series Finding Bigfoot,to offer a variety of eyewitness encounters and historical accounts of Mainers who’ve claimed to have had brushes with this elusive, wood-dwelling hominid. She divides her book into three parts, beginning with “Laying the Groundwork.” This section consists of descriptions of how some of Maine’s natural qualities “easily lend themselves to the possibility of a large mammal existing here side by side with existing populations,” and stories of alleged sightings dating from the 1700s to 1950. The second part is made up of 19 eyewitness accounts dating from 1963 to the present, and the third features additional anecdotes, as well as brief biographies of local Bigfoot investigators. The book is chock full of what the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, founded in 1995, calls Class A sightings (in which persons have “clear sightings in circumstances where misinterpretation or misidentification of other animals can be ruled out with greater confidence”) and Class B sightings, which “did not afford a clear view of the subject.” Over the course of this book, Souliere makes an enthusiastic and engaging argument for the existence of Bigfoot, and she does a particularly commendable job of tracking down eyewitnesses and respectfully retracing the steps to what she calls the “point in someone’s life where everything changed forever.” These including such notable tales as a man in 1895 who claimed that he saw a creature with “a long, shaggy beard, [who] is covered with a huge, skin coat,” and a couple who said that they witnessed a family of Bigfeet in 2017.

"A well-researched history of curious sasquatch encounters."