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Cowboys & Saurians: Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Beasts As Seen by the Pioneers by John LeMay

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Trade paperback format.

No, this book is not merely about the Tombstone Pterodactyl and the notorious (possibly nonexistent) Thunderbird photo. This book is in fact about every dinosaurian creature to ever have a rifle pointed at it by a cowpoke along the trail.

Courtesy of real newspaper articles collected from the Pioneer Period, you’ll marvel as pterodactyls invade Van Meter, Iowa; a plesiosaur attacks spelunkers in Arkansas; and ghost dinosaurs glide across the Badlands of South Dakota!

In the pages ahead you’ll ask yourself: Did Brigham Young really try to catch Utah’s Bear Lake monster? Did a Crow Medicine Man carry an enchanted Meganuera with him to Custer’s Last Stand? Was the first Komodo Dragon discovered in 1910 Indonesia or actually 1883 Indiana? Could the Marfa Lights just be bioluminescent pterodactyls? Did a theropod dinosaur kill a young boy in Crosswicks, Ohio? What was the serpent of San Marcial, New Mexico? And finally, did the Tombstone Pterodactyl live on to terrify Utah in 1903?

Courtesy of newspaper reports of yore, uncover the truth of remnant dinosaurs in the Old West…