The Fisherman by John Langan
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The Fisherman by John Langan

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Trade paperback format.

Our review:  

“The Fisherman” is quietly told, vast and epic.  At the end of this book you feel like Abe has been sitting across from you and you alone, telling you this story.  You’ve stood in countless streams with him, casting your line with the water rushing by.  And at the end one must pause, and wonder what lies upstream in the woods, in the sections darkened by the trees this world’s sun has never known.  

Here’s to John Langan, who lures us in story by story, and then sets us on a shore of vast reckoning to remind us we can fight our way back to the reasons for being human again.  Here’s to many more stories from him in the future.

In upstate New York, in the woods around Woodstock, Dutchman's Creek flows out of the Ashokan Reservoir. Steep-banked, fast-moving, it offers the promise of fine fishing, and of something more, a possibility too fantastic to be true.

When Abe and Dan, two widowers who have found solace in each other's company and a shared passion for fishing, hear rumors of the Creek, and what might be found there, the remedy to both their losses, they dismiss it as just another fish story. Soon, though, the men find themselves drawn into a tale as deep and old as the Reservoir.

It's a tale of dark pacts, of long-buried secrets, and of a mysterious figure known as Der Fisher: the Fisherman. It will bring Abe and Dan face to face with all that they have lost, and with the price they must pay to regain it.

Cover Art by Albert Bierstadt
Cover Design by Scott R. Jones