The Paris Review #242 : Winter 2022
Paris Review

The Paris Review #242 : Winter 2022

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Trade paperback.  Hot off the press!!  Prose, poetry, art and interviews to make your brain sing.

Colm Tóibín on the Art of Fiction: “No matter what you do in a novel there’s a secret DNA of whatever it is that you’ve suffered.” N. Scott Momaday on the Art of Poetry: “I was writing lines that looked like lines of poetry, recollecting my early days on the reservation, but I didn’t know the difference between a spondee and a dactyl.”

Prose by Avigayl Sharp, Lucas Hnath, and Mieko Kanai.

Poetry by William IX of Aquitaine, Cynthia Cruz, and Peter Mishler.

Art by Mary Manning and Lily van der Stokker.

Cover by Uman.

 Table of Contents     


Mieko Kanai - Tap Water        

Addie E. Citchens - A Good Samaritan        

Sophie Madeline - Dess Zalmanovs        

Tom Drury - Where Does This Live?        

Isabella Hammad - Gertrude        

Lucas Hnath - from Old Actress        

Kate Riley - L. R.        

Avigayl - Sharp Uncontrollable, Irrelevant    


Colm Tóibín - The Art of Fiction No. 256        

N. Scott Momaday - The Art of Poetry No. 112    


Victoria Chang - Innocent Love (from Innocent Love Series), 1999        

Victoria Chang - Red Bird, 1964        

Cynthia Cruz - Charity Balls        

Luis Alberto de Cuenca - William of Aquitaine Returns        

Hannah Emerson - That Is        

C. S. Giscombe - Second Dream        

Oksana Maksymchuk - Intimate Relationship        

Peter Mishler - My Blockchain        

William IX of Aquitaine - Pos de chantar m’es pres talenz        

Timmy Straw - Brezhnev        

Timmy Straw - Oracle at Dog        

Eliot Weinberger - from “The Life of Tu Fu”    


Mary Manning - Ciao!        

Lily van der Stokker - What Is It?    


Jeremy Deller - 1hr 25mins and 2 seconds        

Uman - Issue No. 242 Cover