Evergreen Ape by David Norman Lewis
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Evergreen Ape by David Norman Lewis

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Trade Paperback.

The Pacific Northwest has always been home to unusual folktales, bizarre legends, and strange goings ons. From the countless UFO sightings and the dense rainforests of Oregon and Washington, to the sprawling network of Shanghai tunnels interlaced beneath the cities, the region is rife with stories of the unexplained and the unnatural. In Evergreen Ape, David Lewis takes a closer look at the origins of the Pacific Northwest's most beloved and elusive cryptid: Bigfoot.

Drawing from newspaper reports, local American Indian legends, and stories passed down from settlers in the 1800s, Lewis explores the true stories that created the modern monster. Discover the various manifestations of the legend and the way he has interacted with society, then read about popular hikes in the area where he has supposedly been spotted, and step onto the path of finding Bigfoot yourself.