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Loomings : Paintings by Christopher Volpe

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A slender trade paperback.

A 48-page paperback book combining reproductions of paintings in Volpe's recent Loomings artshow with quotes from Moby-Dick.

Contains two brief pieces of writing detailing the genesis of the work and thoughts on making art in difficult times.

If you missed this deeply stunning show at Cove Street Arts earlier in 2024, here is your chance to dive into its essence in the comfort of your own home. 

Volpe's work is an absolute devil to photograph and document, which is wonderful, kind of like trying to visually capture a cursed artifact -- it's too multi-dimensional in its presence to be captured and probably that's for the best.  It was appropriately doomy art for January viewing.  Inspired by the text of Melville's "Moby Dick" and made of lashings of canvas and tar, it dragged viewers into the briny deep. It is drastically magnificent.

For as long as it is up, the exhibition page can be found here:

and here is his artist talk at Cove Street: