Dim Shores Presents Vol 1 ed by Sam Cowan
Dim Shores

Dim Shores Presents Vol 1 ed by Sam Cowan

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Trade Paperback.

Dim Shores Presents is a new bi-annual anthology series spotlighting some of the best new writing in speculative fiction. Weird horror, strange science fiction, and dark fantasy rub shoulders with each other here, weaving a tapestry of uncanny beauty and fearful wonder.


In this volume:

An executive learns the secret of the ragman and the ominous subway in the dark city where they both work. A grieving employee at a mysterious factory receives an email from himself with a confounding video. Two beings can share one body, but on whose terms and at what cost? An organic city contracts a virus, threatening its inhabitants and posing a seemingly-impossible challenge for the biologists trying to stop it. A red-market implant chip blurs the line between memory recording and ghost. A man attends his girlfriend's unusual church service and becomes attached to the church's living god.

Twins labor in seclusion to achieve Totality through art, their only contact with the outside world a bizarre lawyer who administers their finances. A woman wakes up inside a perfectly white chamber and endures inexplicable aerosol experiments. An operative for a clandestine organization monitors and records exceedingly strange phone calls. A dead woman's spirit returns to visit her family as she figures out her new state of being. A famous 19th-century biologist and his close colleague investigate a monstrous happening in old London. A young girl is offered the means to get whatever she desires for a bloody price. Death and Pestilence get divorced, and everyone wishes one of them would move out of town.

This is the table of contents for Volume 1:

Christopher Burke - "Many Lives Theory"
Jane Sand - "Vacui"
Chiara Nova - "Walls of White"
Richard Staving - "Silver Bells and Cockle Shells"
Paul L. Bates - "Used Clothes"
Jonathan Raab - "Observer/Experiencer"
Anna Tambour - "The Divorce of Death and Pestilence"
Samuel M. Moss - "Gallaher Calls"
Victoria Dalpe - "The Rider"
Eric Schaller - "A Study in Abnormal Physiology"
Jen Downes - "Root and Branch"
Jake Marley - "Anemone"
Jess Landry - "I Will Find You, Even in the Dark"

While primarily known for limited-edition chapbooks, Dim Shores also published Looming Low Volume I, winner of the 2017 This Is Horror Award for Best Anthology and finalist for the 2017 Shirley Jackson Award for Edited Anthology. To see current stock or sign up for the mailing list, please visit dimshores.com.