Death Down East by Eleanor Blake

Death Down East by Eleanor Blake

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The summer that Alicia Richmond and her father rented the old Greene place started out just like any other season for the families who vacationed each year at Sidley’s Cove. But the pleasant, normal routine of that little Maine fishing village soon changed. Alicia, without even trying, knocked the men for a loop, and all the younger women, married and unmarried, were up in arms about it.

Mr. Richmond hired Fred Mack, who for years had been the Herrod’s family retainer. And then Mark Crosby, the detective, came to stay with the Richmonds, ostensibly as a guest, but really to investigate a mysterious death which had occurred twenty-five years before. Still, life ran smoothly enough until the evening of the first clam-bake.

That night Alicia Richmond fell into the ocean. When they got her back on the beach, she was dead. Dr. Carver said it was an accident. But both Mark Crosby and Dr. Carver knew that some one had committed a carefully planned murder.

Death Down East is a salty yarn, filled with suspense that will keep you on the edge of your chair till the last page is finished.

Note:  Although this book has all the hallmarks of a Maine mystery, including its title, it is actually set in Michigan!

eleanor blake

Eleanor Atkinson (1899-1952) was born in July 1899 in Hinsdale, Illinois. Eleanor was the daughter of journalists and authors Francis Blake Atkinson and Eleanor Stackhouse Atkinson (most famed for the 1912 novel Greyfriars Bobby). Eleanor married advertising copywriter George Wallace Cox in 1922, and had two children, Eleanor and Wallace (but soon divorced after her son was born). During the 1930s, she remarried, to Benson K. Pratt. Her son was actor Wally Cox (1924 - 1973). Wally noted in one interview that his mother was nomadic, traveling around the country, and that he attended nine schools in twelve years. She wrote for a Chicago newspaper for ten years. As a journalist for a Detroit newspaper during prohibition, Eleanor wrote a feature story recounting her adventure first riding with a rum runner smuggling alcohol from Canada to Ohio, then joining the Coast Guard as they chased the smuggler. Eleanor died in West Nyack, New York, January 14, 1952