Lore of the Jack-O'-Lantern by Brian Serven - signed!
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Lore of the Jack-O'-Lantern by Brian Serven - signed!

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Oversized trade paperback format.  Fans of Doctor Gasp and the Eeks rejoice!  Dan Blakeslee has slipped a small pile of his illustrations into this wonderful little book.  Eeeeee!!!!


It's Halloween night and as seething sweets seekers troll the streets, a local gang of outcasts known as the Ferals desperately search for their missing friend. Grandma Collins' old-country stories about Stingy Jack have come true. The veil between the living and dead is thin and children's souls are irresistible. The Ferals must face the thing that lurks in the dark to rescue their friend before it's too late.

Delving into the lore of the jack-o'-lantern, most people adorn their porches and steps with carved pumpkins to ward off evil spirits. However, what if the pumpkin lanterns aren't warding evil, what if they are attracting it? In this reimagined tale of the Celtic lore, the Ferals must find an Underworld wandering entity that collects children to trade their souls to the Devil.

Illustrated by Dan Blakeslee!!!  There's a little clip below from the early days of the shop when the space wasn't quite so filled up with books, and Dan played a fabulous Halloween show for us.  Enjoy!