Double Feature by Emma Bull & Will Shetterly

Double Feature by Emma Bull & Will Shetterly

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Double Feature is a collection of thirteen pieces of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by Boskone 31’s Guests of Honor, Emma Bull and Will Shetterly. Among the works assembled here are a set of six individually-authored short stories for their own shared world, Liavek, as well as their collaboratively written novelette, "Danceland Blood," which is set in the Borderlands shared world.

Included are three additional works by Emma Bull: "A Bird That Whistles," a touching prequel to her novel War for the Oaks, and two fine essays on the writer’s craft: "Why I Write Fantasy" and "Wonders of the Invisible World: How I Came to Write War for the Oaks."

This anthology also contains two additional works by Will Shetterly: "Captured Moments," his first science fiction short story, and "Time Travel, the Artifact, and a Famous Historical Personage," a horror story.

The introduction is by Boskone 31 guests Patrick Nielsen Hayden, a professional editor, and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, the author of Making Book.  The book also contains brief biographies of Emma Bull and Will Shetterly, including a list of their published work.