Hot in December by Joe R. Lansdale
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Hot in December by Joe R. Lansdale

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One death is only the beginning for Tom and his wife Kelly who witness a fast-driving car killing their innocent neighbor in the street.

Tom describes the driver to the police, but there is something he didn't anticipate: the driver belongs to a powerful criminal gang in East Texas.

The criminals make Tom and his family a target, abducting his wife Kelly and threatening his daughter. Now Tom must look to old war comrades for help in a brutal and unforgiving struggle to rescue his wife and bring justice to the notorious gang.
"(Hot in December) is written and sized to be read briskly, with little stop – perfect for long road trips or waits – and Lansdale is brutal in shoving the reader deeper and deeper into Tom’s troubles. By the time you hit page 3, you will keep turning until the final page." - Bloody Disgusting