Children of Gla'aki: A Tribute to Ramsey Campbell's Great Old One
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Children of Gla'aki: A Tribute to Ramsey Campbell's Great Old One

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Trade paperback format.

There is a lake in the Severn Valley, near a town called Brichester. It is an eerie, haunted place, both by day and by night. Night especially though, is a time when no one in their right mind would go anywhere near it, or those oddly deserted houses that stand, albeit barely, on the edge of the shore. But why? What is it that moves about in that lake, a thing that makes its presence known with three sinister glowing eyes that protrude from beneath the water?

Some believe it is an entity that traveled to Earth, many thousands of years ago inside a hollow meteor.

Ramsey Campbell, Nick Mamatas, John Goodrich, Robert M. Price, Pete Rawlik, W.H. Pugmire, Edward Morris, Scott R. Jones, Thana Niveau, William Meikle, Orrin Grey, Tom Lynch, Konstantine Paradias, Josh Reynolds, Lee Clarke Zumpe, and Tim Waggoner, these are The Children of Gla’aki.

Table of Contents:

Introduction (The Children of Gla'aki) • (2017) • essay by Glynn Owen Barrass and Brian M. Sammons

The Inhabitant of the Lake • [Severn Valley] • (1964) • novelette by Ramsey Campbell

Country Mouse, City Mouse • (2017) • short story by Nick Mamatas

Tribute Band • (2017) • short story by John Goodrich

In Search of Lake Monsters • (2017) • short story by Robert M. Price

The Collection of Gibson Flynn • (2017) • short story by Peter Rawlik [as by Pete Rawlik]

The Secret Painting of Thomas Cartwright • (2017) • short story by W. H. Pugmire

I Want to Break Free • (2017) • short story by Edward R. Morris

The Spike • (2017) • short story by Scott R. Jones

The Dawning of His Dreams • (2017) • short story by Thana Niveau

The Lakeside Cottages • (2017) • short story by William Meikle

Invaders of Gla'aki • (2017) • short story by Orrin Grey

Scion of Chaahk • (2017) • short story by Tom Lynch

Cult of Panacea • (2017) • short story by Konstantine Paradias

Squatters Rights • (2017) • short story by Josh Reynolds

Beneath Cayuga's Churning Waves • (2017) • short story by Lee Clark Zumpe

The Nature of Water • (2017) • short story by Tim Waggoner

Night of the Hopfrog • (2017) • short story by Tim Curran

Mirror Fishing • (2017) • novelette by John Langan

From the Depths of Time: Afterword • (2017) • essay by Ramsey Campbell