Arkham Detective Agency : A Lovecraftian-Noir Tribute to C.J. Henderson
Dark Regions Press

Arkham Detective Agency : A Lovecraftian-Noir Tribute to C.J. Henderson

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Strong-jawed private eyes facing off against unknowable ancient evil in Lovecraftian-noir horror. No fainting librarians here, these are tough, capable heroes. And while they may survive their encounters with cosmic evil to fight another day, a terrible price was always paid. Friends were lost, relationships were destroyed, minds were broken. With scars both mental and physical, these champions would get only the briefest of respites before having to rise again to face the next challenge. Knowing that only death or madness would bring their fighting to an end, they nevertheless continued to wage war against the forces of the Cthulhu Mythos. What other choice did they have?

This is the world created by author C.J. Henderson who gave readers such modern day pulp heroes as Jack Hagee, Teddy London, Piers Knight, and his most recent creation: Frank Nardi, former N.Y.C. detective, now head of the Arkham Detective Agency. Before C.J. Henderson’s untimely death, many weird fiction authors were invited to this book to play in his world of stoic P.I.s, beautiful dames, and horrible monsters. We are thrilled to bring you the four Frank Nardi stories C.J. finished before his death, and all new stories set in H.P. Lovecraft’s modern day witch-haunted town of Arkham.


Introduction: It’s Okay to Meet Your Heroes by Brian M. Sammons
The Idea of Fear by C.J. Henderson
Cruelty C.J. Henderson
The Nest of Pain by C.J. Henderson
Slaves for the Slaughter Sect by Robert M. Price
Call and Response by William Meikle
Miskatonic Contradance by Konstantine Paradias
Family Tradition by Edward Morris
Light a Candle, Curse the Darkness by Paula R. Stiles
Il Segno Giallo by David Dunwoody
Echo of a Distant Scream by Lee Clark Zumpe
Closure by Glynn Owen Barrass
Witch Fire by Scott T. Goudsward
Bonanza by Sam Gafford
Reeling Back by Tom Lynch
Those Folk Below by Josh Reynolds
She Wore a Trench Coat by Don Webb
Clear the Air by Brian M. Sammons
A Walk in the Shadows by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
The Pleasure in Madness by C.J. Henderson